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Riskdashboard is an online tool to create Bowties. A Bowtie will give you a clear graphical view of the risks within your organization. They help you identify defects and help to design the right measures to mitigate them.

With a bowtie you can communicate clean and simple about the risks you regognize at all levels within your organization. The logical structure of a Bowtie makes understanding all risk dependancies straightforward for all participants.

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Gerard Hertsenberg,

Chrome iPad

Widely deployable

Riskdashboard is suitable in different situations.

Self-governing organizations

Provides self-managing teams with the ability to identify, discuss and combat their obstacles.

Implement frameworks

Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, ISAE 3402, COBIT, COSO, ISO 31000, ISO 27001, ISO 14001.

Master and share

Teams discuss on methods and possible measures and make choices about their proper functioning.

Improve continuously

Gives insight into processes before and after changes.

Working Conditions

Shows risky situations including the measures taken by the organization.

Risk management

Design risk assessment and establishing a system that will be a basis for certification.

Discuss and design simultaneously.

Graphic design

Make changes while showing your bowtie. As a result, the entire image remains available during a discussion, and it is clear how each adaptation relates to the measures already taken.

In a report or on a full size poster.

Scalable images

Export or print scalable images of the bowties so you can use them directly in your reports.

Show your assessment.

Measuring measures

Review the measures and give a good picture of your continuity. Follow them periodically and turn out clearer views.

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